A different view on Nitrogen (Stikstof) solutions...

Nitrogen emissions pretty much put our country on hold and they occasionally turn our country upside down.

Farmers and their animals play a major role in this. Animal feces create an ammonia stall smell that causes damage to bio diversity.

For years, politicians, farmers and the public have skirted around this problem until one of the Netherlands highest courts finally intervened.

The shit finally hit the fan so to speak..

The solutions that our government is offering focus fully on reducing the number of animals and the number of farms. Farmers can be bought out. There is a huge budget (about €35 billion) to do this. Drastic measures that lead to resistance from our farmers.

My observation here is that we actually hear very little about using technology to solve this mega-problem.

Our customer Klaas de Boer (De Boer Special Machines) has patented and produced an 'Enkev inside' filter that can capture ammonia emissions and reduce them to zero (!).... For about €1.000 per cow you're done! With this astronomic nitrogen budget of +/- €35 billion I think we should at least give it a shot!

Klaas told me yesterday that he has shown his unique system to politicians and to organizations such as VNO-NCW. Sadly everyone keeps talking and arguing about farmers who should just stop their operations or scale down while their financial obligations don't scale with them.

There appears to be a kind of tunnel vision regarding reducing emissions: stop farming.

I would say stop doing that and call Klaas (06-22927534)!

PS: this is an article that's only about nitrogen emissions. The article is not about how a farm should look and not about how big or intensive it should be. Of course I have my views on that but in the context of this article that's not relevant. #farming #biodiversity #technology #forabetterworld #enkevinside