What would be my job title?

Machine Operator

What is my responsibility?

In this position, your work consists of monitoring and adjusting the production processes and operating the installations within one production line. This involves setting and adjusting the machines, checking production for quality and taking action in the event of malfunctions and deviations. In addition to production, a lot of attention is also paid to cleaning and maintaining the production area. In addition, you support the mechanic with repairs and the like on the machines. 

During your thorough familiarization period/training, you start by assisting one of our experienced machine operators and their production lines. When you have been properly trained, you will be responsible for a production line yourself.


What does Enkev need from me?

Someone who likes to make beautiful products from natural materials. You see keeping your own production line working as a challenge that involves a lot of personal responsibility. It is also nice if you have knowledge of safety regulations, guidelines and procedures with regard to installations.

Are there any job requirements?

Able to work independently and be responsible for work environment and machine.

What can the company offer me?

You will work in a rapidly expanding company with a pleasant working atmosphere. A position in which you are given a lot of responsibility and are allowed to work independently. We offer you a good salary at the start based on your knowledge, capabilities and ambition!