What would be my job title?

Assistant Work Planner

What is my responsibility?

You are the one who is responsible at Havivank for all the receipt of the raw materials. These are usually delivered in bales. You collect the shipping orders. In addition, you collect the necessary raw materials that are needed per production order. You collect the shipping orders, and you help with loading and unloading. You work closely with our office about the expected raw materials and the orders to be shipped. In addition, you are in direct contact with production, so that the planning of the various machines/orders can be followed.


What does Enkev need from me?

Due to the further growth in the demand for our products, we are looking for support in work preparation for the production of orders in our textile processing company. We are looking for a multi-tasker, a logistics centipede. You have a feel for administration and quantities. Order and tidiness are essential in this position.

Are there any job requirements?

  • Having a forklift truck certificate is an advantage;
  • You are practical with a minimum MEAO thinking level.